Spitfire and Thunder Trucks

New Spitfire wheels, bearings, and Thunder Trucks at Classic. Lethal combo on all terrain. Keep it Classic.






Plan B & Element

New wood from Plan B and Element skateboards at Classic. Get em fast, they are going quick!


OJ and SLIMEBALL wheels

Why cruise through life when you can MASH?! New softies from OJ and SLIMEBALL wheels are here!


Independent Truck Co.

Titanium Stage 11 Forged Hollow Independent Trucks at Classic. Never settle. Keep it Classic.


Grizzly Grip

New from Grizzly Grip, Signature PRod grip, OG Bear cut out, Grizzly Grip blades, and Grizzly Grease. Proper grip with the good flick, get yours at Classic.



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F@$king Awesome

New FA boards at Classic. They went all out on this line. Beautiful graphics, great shapes, and PS Stix quality. Get them before they’re gone. Keep it Classic.




Not you BS Mall brand.

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Experimental Classic

In the tradition of when you knew Powell & Peralta had a new Pro in mind or, a new Pro shape and graphic was coming out is our latest tribute stickers. Keep it Classic! 10469347_888087427887826_2193542462715712623_n

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FKD Bearings

Redesigned from the ground up, the latest FKD bearings are solid, fast, and long lasting. Black Lights are available in Pro Model series. Shane O’Neill, Tom Asta, and Felipe Gustavo signature bearings are available at Classic.

Black Light Signature Series

Black Light Signature Series

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