Classic Skate Shop

Classic Skate Shop is located at 239 East Plumb Lane in the Shoppers Square in Reno Nevada. We specialize in everything you would need to ride and maintain a skateboard. Classic is a throw back shop from days past, that’s stripped down barebones. We do not specialize in fashion, snowboarding, bikes, wake boards, or footwear. We are not knocking anyone or anything. There is a strong belief you should sell what you know, respect, and love at Classic. We back and carry brands that are made in America. We carry boards, wheels, bearings, bolts, grip tape, stickers, tee shirts, sweat shirts, hoodys, videos, and magazines. We cover the basic needs of any skater and leave the fashion for the chain stores. We carry DLX (Real, Anti Hero, Krooked, Spitfire, Thunder Trucks, and Venture Trucks) Skate Mental, Element, Baker, Death Wish, Shake Junt, Creature, Santa Cruz, Flip, Foundation, Toy Machine, Stereo, Independent Trucks, Plan B, and more. Check out the shop Monday – Saturday 10am -6pm and Sunday’s 10am – 5pm.

Classic Gonz


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