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Lance Mountain limited edition Spitfires.

We just received the special edition Lance Mountain Pool Service wheels and stickers. The wheels are 54mm, 56mm, 58mm, featuring one blue wheel, and 3 white. There are two stickers one Flame Head with pool coping and custom Lance Mountain trimmings, and a lithograph style Lance Mountain Pool Service Spitfire Nike SB collab sticker. If you are a Lance fan, and you have to be a real jerk if you’re not, get one these before they are gone.


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More proper goods from DLX.

New boards from Real, Anti Hero, and Krooked. The 8.38 boards always go first!

Altamont Apparel

New jeans, tees, baseball tees, and beanies are here from Altamont. They make unique designs and some of the very best clothing out there. Altamont jeans last forever. Check out the Slash signature Wilshire denim we received. How can you not back The Boss and his clothing brand. Get some before they are gone.

New arrivals from Powell & Peralta

New Jesse Martinez boards, Mini Logos, Bones Reds, Classic P&P decals, and Bones wheels are here. Swing by and gear up! Spring is here, get some! 




Independent Trucks

New Indys are back in stock. Duane Peters has a Pro model and Independent brought back the 159! With boards getting wider and wider, 159s are a logical choice. New colors are available now. Built to Grind!


New Goods from DLX!

New boards from Anti Hero, Krooked, and Real. P Rod V Lights and his 2nd Pro truck for Venture “The Code”. Deluxe is skateboarding!


New Spitfire wheels.

New Spitfire F1 Street Burners are here, featuring the Lock-In cut. This new asymmetrical design locks you into curbs, ledges, rails, coping, or whatever you need. Plus the rock hard Street Burner urethane resists flat spotting. Fast as F$&K!

Shapes = Performance


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Skate Mental

New Skate Mental boards are back in stock. Some of the best graphics around, parents get weird. New Skate Mental socks are bloody fun, stop by and get Mental.


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New Spitfires!

New sizes, colors, and shapes in the best urethane around. Made in the USA.


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