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Traffic boards and wheels.

From the streets of Philadelphia to all over the world comes Traffic. Solid wood and bitchin shapes from the mind of Ricky Oyola. Get the goods and keep it in the streets.

Bobby Puleo 8.0

Ricky Oyola 8.25

Rich Adler 8.25

Team Shape 8.5

Traffic 52mm wheels. Hard, Fast, and Mean!

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New Glassy Sun Haters.

New newest sunglasses from Glassy Sun Haters are back! All the glasses are $15 and have one of the raddest teams in skateboarding. Rick Howard, Sean Malto, Janoski, Jaws, Guy Mariano, Brandon Biebel, Jerson Wilson, and Mike Mo all rock Glassy. Classic got the exclusive on the Glassy tip. Roll by and hate that sun!

All Glassy Sunglasses come with a case and decal.


Sean Malto wristbands and I Love Sun Haters decals.

Nu Clear in Red.

Nu Clear in Grey.

Nu Clear in Blue.

Deric in clear.

Deric in Black.

Leonard in Black Clear.

Leonard in White Mirror.

Leonard in Tortoise.

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Cardiel triple threat!

We restocked the 8.5 Anti Hero John Cardiel boards. All Hail! 


Girl & Chocolate

New boards from Girl and Chocolate are back in stock. There are rad boards with shapes for killing it with original art from John Lucero, Ed Templeton, and Mark Gonzales. Every shape and size you need is here from the peeps at Crail Tap.


Real, Anti Hero, Krooked boards, Thunder trucks, and Spitfire bearings.

ImageImageImage Image

DLX arrived with new boards fr0m Anti Hero, Real, and Krooked. 8.5 John Cardiel? Yep, what is better than that? New Jamie Thomas signature Thunders, Sean Malto Hollow Light Thunders, and Chris Miller Thunder Lights are in stock. Spitfire Burner bearings are back in stock!

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Random ass tee shirts.

A very random and rad selection of tee wandered in today. Pig, Life Extention, and Skate Mental John Motta Skate Tools tees. Little. Yellow. Different?

Extend it!

Skate Tools


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Stance Socks

The newest socks from Stance are available at Classic. Three models from Chris Cole, the Cobra, the Signature, and the Signature Low are amazing. We also have the Three of a Kind which features three completely different patters and designs to make any day a mixed up day. Stance has the skate sock game on lock! Breathable, padded, sweat wicking, and amazing fitting is what separates Stance from all other socks.

Three of a Kind.

Cole Signature Low

Cole Cobra

Cole Signature.

Stance Sockers



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