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Spitfire Goods

New Spitfire wheels, bearings, and tools at Classic. The Guy Mariano wheels come with limited edition pizza box packaging. SOTY!



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Happy Hour and Loud Headphones

New Happy Hour Shades and hoodys are back at Classic. We just received new headphones from Loud. Skater owned is how we roll!






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Welcome to the Team Dane!

Welcome to the Team Dane Haman. Ever since this guy moved to Reno he’s been the last guy skating when the rest of us are on the curb calling it a day. Unique style, power, flow, 100% skater, and all around good guy. By all means a perfect fit at Classic. Dane is exactly the kind of skateboarder Classic is proud to have on the team and skate with. Dane Haman, Tyler Dewitt, Mitch Haight, and Dean Christopher represent Classic Skate Shop with their own individual styles and dedication to skateboarding.

Dane Haman taking the higher road. Kyle Volland photo.

Boardsliding someones motorhome? Kyle Volland photo.

Apple and trail mix fueled long jump. Kyle Volland photo.

Classic front rock. Kyle Volland photo.

Find a spot and make it hot. Kyle Volland photo.

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Bones Brigade Documentary

The Bones Brigade Doc is at Classic. It is the best skateboard documentary ever made by far. Own a piece of skateboard history!


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Black Label, Life Extension, and Skate Mafia boards.

Fresh out of the box! Black Label, Life Extension, and Skate Mafia boards. Stop by Classic and check out all the new arrivals. The shop expanded and it’s full of new boards, trucks, wheels, and clothing. Keep it Classic!


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Independent Truck Co

New Indys at Classic. Built to Grind. USA built to destroy.









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Girl and Chocolate boards.

New planks from Girl and Chocolate at Classic. 8-8.5 to grip and rip!


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Classic Team Rider Tyler DeWitt for Fayuca Skateboards.

Here’s  a Fayuca commercial of Tyler Dewitt repping for Fayuca Skateboards. You can find Fayuca boards at Classic!

Classic Skate Shop’s Terrordome Contest

Too cold is a state of mind. Come catch some carnage and speed wobbles this Sunday at the Fallon Skate Park, high noon. Two man race through one of the fastest parks in Nevada. Fastest time wins and the winner advances until there is only two skaters remain. The fastest time between the finalist wins. Pure speed and all the hell that comes with it! Sign up at Classic Skate Shop this week. Prizes, fun, terror, and speed. KEEP THE SCENE HOT ALL WINTER! 

Keep it Street

Skateboarding started in the streets, get out of the parks and hit up some unnatural terrain!