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Dear Skating

Dear Skating make quality tees, sweatshirts, hats, and accessories from the VHS golden years. Remember Jason Lee’s $ Tee in Video days? Sean Sheffey’s Einstein tee in A Soldier’s Story? Ray Barbee’s RB Control in Ban This? Dear Skating reproduced these classic goods in the spirit of the time. SMA Rocco Division, SMA Gizmos, and Todd Congelliere’s FYP tee complete with decal and Five Year Plan cassette. They even made a Matt Hensley chain wallet. Limited edition apparel from another skater owned company. Get one before they’re gone. Keep it Classic.

VHS Daze

VHS Daze


There’s a War outside your window….


Sean Sheffey with the “correct spelling”.


And then it all changed….


That man who Souled the World.


Um, 6 years ago….


F.Y.P. tees include Five Year Plan cassettes and Todd Congelliere decal.


Found the Gizmos, still looking for Bean Cups?


SMA Rocco Division crews.


Julien wore them back in the daze….


Hensley style.

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Happy Birthday Gino

Style rules above anything. Gino Iannucci can make falling look dope. Happy Birthday to one of the all time best to ever do it. If you don’t know…..

Style not Steeze.

Style not Steeze.

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