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Happy Hour Shades

Spring is almost here and the sun is up everyday, we’ve got new Happy Hour shades for you. New Pro Models and beanies available now at Classic. unnamed-11

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Dear Skateboards

Limited edition nostalgia from Dear Skateboards. TWS Agro Zone, Poweredge, Mel Bend, and RAD tees from the good ole days. Never to be found at the mall shops or bro stores. Keep it Classic.unnamed-7

NATAS Designarium

Limited edition Natas Kaupas Designarium boards at Classic. Get yours or be bummed. unnamed-4

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Thunder Trucks & Venture Trucks

We restocked Ventures and Thunder trucks at Classic. 10953165_1634700270094724_8306805785883455279_n


Real & Anti Hero

New boards from the DLX camp, Real and Anti Hero at Classic.11071600_1634699153428169_8355968769218156336_n


Habitat & Alien Workshop

New boards from AWS and Habitat at Classic. 1503956_1634053230159428_4103079079167070923_n


Independent Trucks

Ride the best! Every size Indy always available10985510_1634062860158465_3221173458573115367_n





11076254_1634062696825148_7582129016490882306_n at Classic.

Natas Designarium

Limited edition Natas Kaupas Designarium boards at Classic. Get yours today. Keep it Classic.11061200_10205335038391017_624466722155969647_n


New Zero boards and tees at Classic.

unnamed-15 unnamed-9 unnamed-12

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Real, Krooked, & Anti Hero

New latest boards from Real, Krooked, and Anti Hero just arrived at Classic. Get the goods from the DLX camp!unnamed-17

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