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Dane Haman

Several years ago a stranger would drop by the shop and drop off zines, which in this day and age is odd from the start. Don’t get me wrong, zines rule. It’s just in this digital/disposable age, you just don’t see a dude dropping off handmade literature.
A few months go by and we chat it up and eventually, I tell him about Shred Sunday. A day where everyone gets together, regardless of skill-set, and we skate anywhere but skateparks. Right away he got the vibe and shortly thereafter joined in. UNR was one of our destinations.
Right away it was apparent he was inspired by Mike Vallely Jason Adams and Ed Templeton. He just skated different and skated nonstop. Beyond just his style and ample supply of energy, he was also very positive and kept the stoke levels on 11. Something very rare in Reno, everyone seems to keep quills of negatively around them. Our whole group agreed this new guy was good to have around.
Not too much time passes where I decided this was the kind of person I wanted representing Classic Skate Shop. When I asked him, it wasn’t apparent I was being serious. When he did get it, he replied “You know I can’t nollieflip.” which was a great response. It was also why he got the nod in the first place. He understood the struggles of skater owned. You have to if you really get what a “Team” is on a local level.
Dane Haman is all walk and no talk. I’m very proud to have him on the Team and to now call him a friend. Check out his “Ride It Don’t Fight It” part and get a good look at what this transplant has to offer. Creativity is alive and well.



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Chris James

Chris James has destroyed most of Reno before you knew what “the Hotel” was. Check out his “Ride It Don’t Fight It” part. Keep it Classic! Street Sharks!

Mitch Haight

Check out Classic Team Rider Mitch Haight from his “Ride It Don’t Fight It” part. Rep your City. Support your Scene!


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Raw Dog Raw

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Creature Boards

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F%$king Awesome

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New Spitfires

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