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The logo that @kareemcampbelldotcom @furrycalamari @_breakfree_ @erickoston and#keenanmilton put on the map is untouchable. @diamondsupplyco OG logo Hoodys, Tees, Long Sleeves, and Hats are available now at Classic.


@diamondsupplyco Hella Tight Hardware is back at Classic. 1″ bolts, 7/8 @prod84 signature bolts, and 7/8 @erickoston signature bolts available now.


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We are restocked on @independenttrucks at Classic. 139! 149! 159! 169! and 215s! Made to destroy any terrain. Made in 🇺🇸 and built to grind.12716359_1753310358233714_5608825907152236604_o.jpg

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Street Plant

Now these are done right. First of all, they are made in Texas. Second, they come in two choices. @streetplantbrnd makes the single rail the “Gnarail” and a set of “Tusks”. Not too shallow and they are drilled for 4 screws, not 5 like most rails these days. Set some up today and skate anything and everything! 12719120_1753621424869274_1526958043551167210_o.jpg

Ripping shapes from our new friends at @streetplantbrnd. Another great skater owned brand from the @mikevallely camp.


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New @grossosucks @ishodwair #andrewallen and#markgonzales Pro Models at Classic. It’s Free Grip n Bolts Friday! The suns out! Roll through today and gear up.12764572_1753951208169629_141563593547773475_o.jpg

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Assault Skateboards

New @assaultskateboards fresh off the truck at Classic. Quality wood made in America 12719122_1753957118169038_5467112102198863551_o.jpgand such cool shapes. For the collectors out there, the GSD board is a keeper. Another #skaterownedandskatersupported brand from your favorite #skaterownedandskatersupported shop!

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Thunder Trucks

New @ishodwair @shanejoneill and @tomasta signature @thundertrucks at Classic. #knowcontrol with one of the lightest and most responsive trucks you can ride!11217971_1753963074835109_4885453001959133171_o.jpg

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We’ve got the @brandonbiebel signature @venturetrucks at Classic. Always on the grind! 921386_1753965534834863_2116017381538028192_o.jpg

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Keep It Classic

A skateboard shop for skateboarders by skateboarders…Classic Skate Shop. We are located on the west side of shoppers square at the end of the midtown district. Open 10am to 7pm Monday through Saturday and 11am to 5pm Sunday. Thank you friends …for always keeping it Classic!12747470_1754742404757176_3103464033119373523_o.jpg

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Hard Luck Bearings

Back in business here at Classic ! Hard Luck gear restocked for you concrete crushers out there. Six Ball titanium coated deep groove speed bearings, lightning fast titanium coated speed bearings, snap backs, tee shirts and long sleeves! go fast..go hard!


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Slime Balls

Can’t beat em! Santa Cruz Speed Wheels…#slimeballwheels back in the mix! Slimeballs , Maggots or Roadkills all terrain madness at its best!12778684_1755992237965526_4129945359768321791_o.jpg

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