16 thoughts on “About

  1. johnny says:

    what is the shop number….

    this is johnny with roughneck down in SF

    We are coming up on tuesday the 13th and are going too have a bbq at the skate park and want to get you guys involved

    plz give me a call or get me you info so i can work some details and get flyers printed up….

  2. esteban carranza says:

    hey I just bought some independent 149 forged hallow trucks from u a couple of weeks ago and the front cuppling has blowin out can u help me

  3. Tracie Ramson says:

    Do you have Gift Certificates or gift cards

  4. Jeff Snodgrass says:

    Eric, My son recently got into skating and it got me to pick my board back up again after 15 years without skating. It got me thinking of living in Fallon and skating with you and decided to look you up. I am happy for you that you are doing so well with what you love. If you ever make it down to San Diego stop by and say hi. We live a 4 minute skate from a pretty decent concrete park with 2 pools. Hope to hear from you sometime, Jeff Snodgrass

  5. Philip Duggan says:

    any crooked hawk guest decks in at all pse?

  6. Thomas Obacka says:

    Great store! Just bought a welcome deck with grosso trucks! Great quality everything there. The guy Erik that works there is super awesome and hooked me up with great deals! Reccomemd this to all Reno skaters!!

  7. Cody says:

    Do you have plan b vid in stock?

  8. kjcashen says:

    Thanks Derek for your amazing help outfitting my son’s first board today! It’s great to receive sincere customer service, and it’s obvious you love what you do. http://blueflystudio.com/2015/01/what-mama-said/?fb_action_ids=10152759076799737&fb_action_types=news.publishes&fb_ref=pub-standard

  9. Kinsey Sage says:

    How much are your boards (with and without grip tape?) I may have missed this on the site

  10. Tom says:

    where are you guys located

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