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Plan B x Aces Tattoo

We’ve got the latest Plan B series with original art from the Aces Tattoo crew.14368860_1850636075167808_4667903604419097694_n.jpg

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Plan B Skateboards

New boards from Plan B at Classic including, the NEW Chris Cole boards. Cole on Plan B just sounds dope. Get yours at Classic!11218893_1662317143999703_4550094644927765145_n

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Plan B Skateboards

New boards from Plan B at Classic. We are premiering the new TRUE video, the most anticipated skateboard video 2014 this Monday, December 1. Gear up on some Plan B goods and keep it Classic.



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We are starting off the end of winter correct with the Death Race 2014. If you’ve never entered a Death Race, you are truly missing out. It’s a two man race through the skatepark in Fallon NV. It’s no rules with the exception of where you start, staying on course, and crossing the finish line. Whatever it takes to cross the finish line first is up to you. High speed fun. High speed blood! There’s even a prize for worst slam because that’s how we do it. Best trick starts after we crown the Death Race Champ. Be there this Sunday March 23rd, the contest starts at 1pm. It’s $5 to enter and everyone gets something no matter if you’re dead last. Come on out and get rad with the crew! Prizes from Bro Style, Aces Tattoo, Plan B, and more. Keep it Classic.

Winner Takes All!

Winner Takes All!


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Plan B & Element

New Plan B Tory Pudwill boards, Pro Spec wheels, and Superthane wheels are here. Element Durathane wheels, Ceramic bearings, tools, wax, and Survival Kits are back at Classic!


Get that Tory POP!


For people who don’t like flatspots.


Element wheels, Ceramic bearings, tools, and wax cubes.


Element has got you covered.

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Plan B

New boards, hats, beanies, hoods, jackets, and wheels from Plan B are at Classic. From 7.8 – 8.25 Plan B has the goods. Pro models from Torey Pudwill, Ryan Sheckler, PJ Ladd, and Paul Rodriguez. Plan B Superthane wheels are amazing, hard as f#&k to flat spot, and fast. Pro wheels from Danny Way, Pat Duffy, Colin McKay, Shecks, and PRod are top notch. Swing by Classic and check out the goods.


Plan B boards are made to the exact specifications of the Plan B Team.


Goodbye Flat Spots.

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A few reasons why Rodney Mullen is King.

Skaters invent new tricks, very few invent them all. This old Plan B ad broke down all the tricks Rodney Mullen invented. This list compiles all the basic and technical tricks everyone does to this day. Legend and innovator, by all means a king. Rodney Mullen.



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