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Check out the latest and greatest from Bones, Powell & Peralta, Death Wish, Baker, Birdhouse, and Heroin skateboards at Classic!


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Black Label

We always stock Black Label skateboards, they are one of the best to ever do it! The Curbs n Coping Crew!20228345_2044913679073379_1242149211921417853_n.jpg

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OJ Wheels

From the parks to the streets, OJ Wheels have had you covered since the 80s. Get yours at Classic! 20139865_2045819405649473_11007221996002438_n.jpg

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Santa Cruz Longboards

Like to cruise the streets or bomb hills? We’ve got new Santa Cruz Longboards available now!20233073_2045733388991408_3042586294331401865_o.jpg

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Paisley Skates

New boards from Paisley Skates just arrived! They make the most creative and boundary pushing graphics in the game. 20245368_2045642102333870_1421869041864371372_n.jpg

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Welcome Skateboards

We have all the latest Welcome boards at Classic. Have you watched the Fetish Video? We’ve got it too!20229105_2044423425789071_6874369514735434131_n.jpg

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Blind Spoof Reissues

Limited Edition Blind Spoof reissue are here! Rudy Johnson, Jason Lee, and Mark Gonzales models. All made in the US and silk screened. Going quick!20245482_10212434779640111_6794828844422552947_n.jpg


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