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Happy Hour Shades

New @happyhourshades just arrived. Quit squintin’ fool! Gear up and get down.24862635_2121406938090719_8761596183624193999_n.jpg

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Solitaire Skateboards

These @solitaire_skateboards rule. Get free grip n bolts when you buy one today. 25073269_2123532217878191_3931684998238494040_o.jpg

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Come grab that new one and get the session goin!!! 👍 Our racks are always stacked! 23471974_2107308509500562_8973457401146801118_n.jpg#classicskateshopreno

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Street Plant

We have @streetplantbrnd boards back at Classic!23380017_2107336879497725_1426166965879617406_n.jpg Deals for reals!#classicskateshopreno

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Classic x Element

@elementbrand x Classic boards are 🔥! Grab one today for $45 and shred up the new park! Better yet, hit the streets! #supportyourlocalskateshop23561725_2110751645822915_3664848349203521482_n.jpg

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Death Wish

@deathwishskateboards at Classic! Fresh off the truck! Grip it and rip it! #supportyourlocalskateshop23659427_2112250229006390_7377709508225438748_n.jpg

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Tools, bearings, and @spitfirewheels ready to shred! #supportyourlocalskateshop23843125_2112817642282982_3088273478887233758_n.jpg

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