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We restocked the best turning trucks in the business. All new colors of ACE TRUCKS at Classic. 33S 44S 55S AND 66S. Get yours!13419278_1804096086488474_6592184684838692506_n.jpg


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Street Plant

Now these are done right. First of all, they are made in Texas. Second, they come in two choices. @streetplantbrnd makes the single rail the “Gnarail” and a set of “Tusks”. Not too shallow and they are drilled for 4 screws, not 5 like most rails these days. Set some up today and skate anything and everything! 12719120_1753621424869274_1526958043551167210_o.jpg

Ripping shapes from our new friends at @streetplantbrnd. Another great skater owned brand from the @mikevallely camp.


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Thunder Trucks

New @ishodwair @shanejoneill and @tomasta signature @thundertrucks at Classic. #knowcontrol with one of the lightest and most responsive trucks you can ride!11217971_1753963074835109_4885453001959133171_o.jpg

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