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Shred Sundays

For the last two years or so I started doing Shred Sundays. It was just my close friends at first meeting up on Sundays to go skate. The past year we started meeting at Classic around noon and try to avoid skate parks and get back in the streets. Now it seems people are digging the fun vibe and Shred Sundays is a great mix of young bucks and old cats. If you’re down to skate without the “cool guy vibe”, hit up Classic every Sunday at noon. Skate NV always shows up to shred and take rad photos every Sunday. Get Shred Sunday’d!



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Glassy Sun Haters

New arrivals today! We are stoked to have “exclusive rights” to sell Glassy Sun Haters sunglasses by Mike Mo Capaldi. Bitchin Hand Polished Frame / High Quality Plastic / UV400 Lens and a rad team. Rick Howard, Guy Mariano, Hawk, Mike Taylor, Jeron Wilson, Beebs, Jaws, Janoski, Malto, and Mike Mo all rock Glassy. Up your game and stay Glassy.



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Bones Wheels & Bearings

New Bones Bearings, Wheels, SPF and the STF are here. One of the longest lasting wheels on the market. Tough and fast, Bones are a bit pricey but, you get what you pay for.

Bones Wheels & Bearings

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Girl – Royal – Four Star

New Arrivals from Girl, Royal, and Four Star are here! Girl boards, Royal hardware and tools, 4 Star hats and beanies, and Girl tees.

Stay Puft Girl shirts.

Royal & Four Star

Four Star truckers.

Royal hardware, tools, and 4Star air fresheners.

Brian Anderson, Alex Olson, and Sean Malto models.

New Indy goods and OJs

New Independent Trucks, Stickers, and OJ Purple Death Rain wheels!

Shred Life!

Jason Jessee vs Homer Simpson vs Christian Hosoi?

Classic has restocked the Jason Jessee AK47 boards. Get them while they last! New limited edition Hosoi Picaso and Homer Simpson Roskopp 1 are here. Rad slashers or wall hangers!

Simpsons - Guns - Holmes

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Stereo is back!

Classic does well with Stereo. It’s great to back a company like them, style is everything. Good wood, great graphics, and Jason Lee. What more could you ask for?

Speechless, Jack Sabback, Kyle Leeper, and Benny Fairfax.

Stereo Hats & Baseball Tees

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Independent Trucks

Built to Grind. New Indys. New Colors. Same rad turn and grind. Ride em loose and grind the hard.

Ride the Best!

New wood!

New boards from Creature, Hosoi reissues, Krooked, and Real.