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Spitfire Wheels

All the latest Spits are at Classic. The new Koston, Reynolds, Mariano, Cole, Ishod, and Navarrette wheels are the best. Tried the Formula Fours yet? Best urethane yet, no bones about it. Every shape, size, and hardness for you to kill it. Get the Mariano candle before they are ghost. Keep it Classic.







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Surprise Skateboards

Another cool smaller company that makes big moves in quality. American wood and a good mix of silk screened graphics and transfers. The Punk Pointer is wider in the front than most. Check them out at Classic.


Serious tough guy punk point
deck. Wider pointed nose is
ideal for smashing stuff.
For real.
Hand screened graphic.
Made in America
Size: 8.625″ X 32″ 14.5″ WB 6.5″ N 6.375″ T


The advanced level moves. Its like a standard deck but
with some shape to it. Its patented Sort of Secret Shape Science ™
Hand screened graphic.
Made in America.
Size: 8.875″ x 32.25″ 14.25″ WB 7″ N 6.5″ T


Yes, its looks like one of those classic boards
we all know and love.
This one is thinner and has a
different graphic on it.
Hand screened graphic.
Made in America.
Size: 8.75″ x 32.25″ 14.75 WB 6.75 N 6.375″ T


Weekend Radical Casual also = Serious get it done
attitude mixed with equal amounts of poor planing
at 8am on Saturday
Heat Transfer Graphic Application.
Made in America.
Size: 8.75″ x 32.25″ 14.75″ WB 6.625″ N 6.625″ T


Weekend Radical Casual = A light breakfast, some good
coffee and conversation with ample amounts of serious
kick turn action.
Heat Transfer Graphic Application.
Made in America.
Size: 8.75″ x 32.25″ 14.75″ WB 6.625″ N 6.625″ T

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Tomorrow is the Classic Terror Dome Death Race at the Fallon Skate Park! It’s a two man race through the park, two men enter one man wins. The park is fast and perfect for danger. Many people will enter but, there can be only ONE winner. NO RULES. After the Death Race their will be a best trick contest. It’s $5 to enter and everyone will get something regardless of placing. It’s a skate contest in the middle of November, at a park you might not have skated, and it’s one of the best formats ever. Get a crew together and carpool, ask around to get a ride, and make it happen. Keep it Classic!


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Assault Skateboards

Assault arrived today with all sorts of goodness. Curb Kreeps, Curbivores, Hammers, Pointers, and Mario Rubalcaba Pro Models. Silk screened graphics that are paint for the best slide ever. A small company that’s been doing it since 89.



Mario Rubalcaba 8.8125


Pointer 8.5


Curbivore 8.75


Curb Kreep


Hammer 8.625

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Stance Socks

Treat your feet to some Stance Socks at Classic.


Bones & Powell Peralta goods.

New Bones and Powell & Peralta goods at Classic.